Zoo Dawg Strain Online

Zoo Dawg Strain Online

Zoo Dawg Strain Online Not to be confused with the Zoo Dawg made from GG#4 and Chemdawg, this Zoo Dawg, from Grower’s Circle is a cross of Zookies and Kosher Dawg.
This Indica-dominant hybrid’s buds are burly and oblong, with purple, and fern, and olive-green leaves bunched tightly together. A sparse amount of orange pistils are scattered about, while a fine trim of short blond trichomes covers the buds surface.

Zoo Dawg has a basil odor, with notes of sweet berries. The herbal taste definitely takes a pleasant turn as the berry flavor is unleashed, followed by a peppery aftertaste. Zoo Dawg Strain Online

Zoo Dawg reportedly has a relaxing effect, with most users choosing to use it later in the day to unwind. At 21% THC, the cerebral buzz is reportedly moderate, but not overwhelming. Many users prone to anxiety and paranoia avoid strains over 20%, but Zoo Dawg is one that some consumers say may be worth a try if dosed carefully.

The beauty of cannabis is that the user is in total control of the dosage, and after 1-2 tokes, it is always recommended to stop and assess your response. One user found Zoo Dawg extremely useful for their back spasms. Although most consumed late in the day, there weren’t many reports of couch-lock or excessive drowsiness. Not surprisingly, excessive cravings for food were not reported either.

Zoo Dawg is a solid, but not overwhelming Indica, with stellar reviews for body effects, the many say is perfect for Indica lovers who are looking to stay awake and not eat on the pounds . Place and order and et the taste of this amazing strain. You wont regret it. ppp


Beta Caryophyllene:0.276%

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